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Become an online tester of games, apps and websites, share your opinion in surveys and earn cashback when you shop.


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How Rewards works

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Register for free with SSL encryption in just 1 minute.

2. Earn

Collect points with tests, games, surveys and cashback purchases.

3. Trade in

Exchange collected points for cash or a variety of gift cards.


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50+ online tests available

Test apps, games and websites

Immediately after registering, you have the opportunity to take part in numerous tests of websites, games and apps.

Earn up to €128 per online test

New tests every week


100+ surveys per day

Share your opinion in surveys

Companies regularly carry out surveys for market research purposes and rely on your opinion.

Discreetly share your opinion

Earn up to €11 per survey

Hundreds of surveys available every day

1,000+ partner shops

Earn when you shop online

When you shop online, you can easily earn up to 37% cashback with Rewards.

Huge selection of shops

Save with your favourite online shops


Your points, your choice.

Receive cash or gift cards


$1 Mio

Earned rewards


Happy users


Evaluated platform

What our members say

I joined a few days ago and everything has worked great so far. The credit was also credited and paid out within a very short time.

Manuela P.

I don't really believe any more adverts on TikTok because a lot of nonsense is spread, but this time it works 100%. I'm really amazed that something like this works and that you can really earn extra money.


The little extra income 😊 With a little time, you can really earn a nice extra income with Rewards. It's also worth sticking with it!

Christian S.

Really very strong thing. Easily earn a bit of money. Play games or take part in surveys. Thumbs up.

Stephan D.

A good way to earn easy money, even in the evening on the couch. There are enough surveys and games that you can test, some are described in more detail than others and for some surveys you will not be admitted, but you will still find enough choice.

Angelos B.

I have been using the Rewards app for 2 weeks and have already earned €45 with it. Everything also went smoothly with the payout via PayPal.

Philipp M.

There are a variety of ways to earn money, including surveys and small tasks. Payouts are fast and reliable, and customer support is helpful and efficient.


What are you all waiting for? It's simply amazing how easy it is to earn extra money! The payout runs smoothly and quickly.

Pia M.

Great app, lots of opportunities to earn a bit on the side, points are exchanged for vouchers. Already got my first Amazon voucher just by playing. +25€

Torti S.

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We undertake not to pass on any data to third parties.

Data protection

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We guarantee the greatest possible protection of your user data.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about rewards

What is Rewards?

Rewards is the ideal app and website to earn money online on the side. It's like a game where you earn money by testing games, apps and websites, completing surveys or making purchases from partner shops. And the best thing about it? It's completely free! You can withdraw your money with PayPal or gift cards whenever you want.

Why is earning money on Rewards so much fun?

Rewards makes earning money fun by turning everyday activities into cash. This means that by testing games, apps and websites or completing surveys - you contribute to valuable market research and in return receive the majority of the profits.

How does Rewards earn money?

Rewards generates income through partnerships with companies & adverts. In addition, we sometimes receive a bonus from shops & websites for driving traffic to their sites.

Is it safe to use Rewards?

Absolutely! We treat all your data with the utmost security. All communications and passwords are encrypted. Even our team can't see your password, and we don't store your payment information after withdrawals. You control your personal data and we promise not to share it without your permission.

Will it cost me anything?

Signing up and using Rewards won't cost you a cent. We're here to help you earn money, not spend it. Get ready for a profitable experience with no hidden fees!

Does Rewards really work?

And how it works! We're the fastest growing rewards platform and have collected thousands of rave reviews online. Don't just take our word for it - dive into the reviews and see the excitement for yourself!

Start today with Rewards

Start as a tester of websites and games, share your opinion in surveys and use cashback when shopping online.

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